Investor Relations

Annual Meeting 2022 Questions and Answers

Mr. Chair, the Carpenter Pension Funds as long term shareholders appreciate the work of the Audit Committee to oversee the quality and independence of the audit work of PWC.

A: I'd like to thank the Carpenter Pension Funds for asking the question. So where we are today is that the rulemaking process is ongoing and we're monitoring it. If the final rules are adopted, we're going to work closely with both PwC and the audit committee to address any of the new requirements. In the meantime, our CSR report, which will be released in the next couple of weeks, is going to be published and it's going to highlight a lot of great progress that we're making on sustainability and show very enhanced disclosure of where we are in terms of our progress. So in the interim, I think that's worth looking at and then as we learn more about the rules, we'll keep you posted.

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